Section III:  Instructional Duties and Obligations

3100 Federal Program Compliance

     3110 Equal Educational Opportunity
     3120 Title IX Compliance
          3120.1 Sample Title IX Grievance Procedure (Form)
     3130 Title I Compliance
          3130.1 Sample Title I Grievance Procedure (Form)
          3130.2 Title I/Title IX Complaint (Form)
     3140 Title V Required Cooperation

3200 Curriculum Standards

     3210 General Curriculum Standards
     3220 School Reform Standards
     3230 Qualified Educators
     3240 Reading Standards

3300 Parental Involvement

     3310 Parental Involvement and Participation
     3320 Title I Parental Involvement Policy
          3320.1 Model School-Parent Compact (Form)
     3330 Parent's Right-to-Know
          3330.1 Parent's Right-to-Know Letter (Form)
          3330.2 Parent's Notification Regarding Your Student's Teacher (Form)
     3340 Parental Rights under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA)
          3340.1 Notification of Rights - Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (Form)

3400 School and Program Assessment

      3410 Charter Contract Accountability and Assessment
      3420 Annual Reporting Requirements
      3430 Annual School Report Card
      3440 National Assessment of Educational Progress
      3450 Financial Needs Assessment
      3460 Internet School Policy

3500 Admission, Retention, and Graduation

      3510 Enrollment
      3511 Admission Procedure
      3512 Kindergarten Admission
           3512.1 Early Entrance to Kindergarten (Form)
      3513 Required Community School Notice
            3513.1 Required Community School Notice (Form)
      3514 Address Verification
      3515 Required Documents upon Admission
            3515.1 Grandparent Power of Attorney (Form)
            3515.2 Caretaker Authorization Affidavit (Form)
      3516 Homeless Children and Youth Placement
            3516.1 Identification of Homeless Children and Youth Form (Form)
            3516.2 Appeal of School's Enrollment Decision (Form)
      3520 School Assessments
      3521 Assessing Student Progress
      3522 Grading Policy
      3530 State Assessments
      3531 State Assessments and Support
      3532 State Assessments Security & Ethics
      3533 Standards for the Ethical Use of Tests
      3533.1 Standards for Ethical Use of Tests (Form)
      3540 Promotion and Retention of Students
      3550 Core Curriculum Requirements
            3550.1 Ohio Core Curriculum Requirements - Notification (Form)
      3551 Criteria for Awarding a Diploma with Honors

3600 Specialized Instruction Programs

      3610 Program to Prevent Dropouts and Promote Reentry
      3620 Credit Flexibility Plan
      3630 School-to-Work Program
      3640 Migrant Student Program
      3650 Assisting English Language Learners and Immigrant Students
            3650.1 Guidelines for the Identification and Assessment of Limited English Proficient
                       Students (Form)
      3660 Advanced Placement Program
      3670 Post-Secondary Enrollment Program
            3670.1 Post-Secondary Enrollment Program Counseling (Form)
            3670.2 Post-Secondary Enrollment Program Counseling (Form)
      3680  Policy on Career Advising
      3690  Gifted Education and Identification

3700 Individuals with Disabilities

      3700 Individuals with Disabilities
      3710 Rights of Individuals with Disabilities
             3710.1 Special Education Policies and Procedures (Form)
             3710.2 Independent Education Evaluation
      3720 Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973
      3730 Alternate State Assessments for Students with Disabilities
             3730.1 Alternate Assessment for Students with Cognitive Disabilities Manual (Form)
      3740 Child Find Responsibilities
             3740.1 Child Find Notice (Form)

3800 Miscellaneous Policies

       3810 Communicating the School's Suspension & Expulsion Policy
             3810.1 Notice of Intent to Suspend from School (Form)
             3810.2 Notice of Emergency Suspension and Intent to Suspend from School (Form)
             3810.3 Notice of Suspension from School (Form)
             3810.4 Notice to Parents' Guardians and Student Regarding your Child's Suspension
                         & your Rights (Form)
             3810.5 Notice of Intent to Expel from School (Form)
             3810.6 Notice of Emergency Removal and Intent to Expel from School (Form)
             3810.7 Notice of Expulsion from School (Form)
             3810.8 Notice to Parents' Guardians and Student Regarding Your Child's Expulsion
                         & Your Rights (Form)
              3810.9 Notice of Assistance Programs for Expelled Students (Form)
      3820 Resolving Issues with Attendance
               3820.1 Parental Notification Regarding Automatic Withdrawal of a Student (Form)
               3820.2 Attendance Corrective Action Plan (Form)
       3830 Records Policies
       3831 Student Records and Release of Information
                3831.1 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ("FERPA")
                            Notice for Directory Information (Form)
                3831.2 Request and Consent for Release of Records (Form)
        3832 Confidential and Public Records
        3833 Tracking Missing Children
                 3833.1 Missing Children Report "Marking" Form (Form)
        3840 Controversial Topics
        3841 Religion and Prayer
        3842 Sexual Education and Contraceptives
        3843 Obscene Materials 3850 Displaying Mottos of the United States and Ohio
        3860 Boy Scouts and Patriotic Youth Groups
        3870 Constitution Day
        3880 Disposition of Student Computers