Section II:  Support Services and Safety Policies

2100 Food Services

     2110 Food Services Program
     2120 Federal Nutrition Programs
     2130 Wellness Policy
     2140 Nutritional Standards
     2150 Nutritional Guidelines

2200 General Wellness Services

      2210 Health Screenings
      2220 Immunization Requirements
           2220.1 Schedule of Immunization Requirements (Form)
      2230 Medication Administration
           2230.1 Medication Request Form (Form)
           2230.2 Parental Notification Regarding Medications (Form)
      2240 Student Use of Inhalers and Epinephrine Autoinjectors
           2240.1 Permission to Carry and Self-Administer Asthma Inhaler (Form)
           2240.2 Permission to Carry and Self-Administer Epinephrine Autoinjector (Form)
      2241 Procurement of Epinephrine Auto-Injection
      2242 Procurement of Asthma Inhalers by School
      2250 Known Food Allergies
            2250.1 Notification of Known Food Allergy (Form)
      2260 Physical Activity Waiver and Consent
            2260.1 Physical Activity Waiver and Consent Form (Form)
     2270 Diabetic Care

2300 General Health and Safety Policies

     2310 Hand Washing Requirements
            2310.1 Hand Washing Sign (Form)
      2320 Personal Safety
      2330 Equipment Safety

2400 Emergency and Other Medical Policies

  2410 Student Medical Emergencies
            2410.1 Emergency Medical Authorization Form (Form)
      2420 Communicable Diseases
      2430 Direct-Contact Communicable Diseases
      2440 Bodily Fluid Exposure Control
           2440.1 Bodily Fluid Exposure Report (Form)
      2450 Head Lice
           2450.1 Parental Notification and Treatment Letter (Form)
           2450.2 Head Lice Class Notification (Form)
           2450.3 Re-Admission Denial Letter (Form)
      2460 Administration of Naloxone

2500 Environmental Safety

      2510 Compliance with Federal and State Safety Programs
      2520 Chemical Hazard Communication Program
      2530 OSHA Exposure Control Plan
      2540 Asbestos Hazards
           2540.1 Model Asbestos Management Plan (Form)
      2550 Lead Poisoning Prevention
           2550.1 Lead Poisoning Prevention Brochure (Form)
      2560 Chemical Hygiene
           2560.1 Chemical Hygiene Plan (Form)
           2560.2 Acknowledgement of Receipt of Chemical Hygiene Plan (Form)
      2570 Hazard Review and Inspection

2600 Building Security

2610 Building and Grounds Security
      2620 School Safety Plan
      2630 Crisis Management and Response Plan

      2640 Emergency Evacuation Drills
           2640.1 Record of Emergency Evacuation Drills (Form)
      2650 Bomb Threats
           2650.1 Bomb Threat Call Checklist (Form)
      2660 Weapons
            2660.1 Notice Prohibiting Weapons (Form)
      2670 Public Conduct on School Property