Lorain Digital Academy Policy Manual

Section I:    Governing Authority

Foundation, Authority, Code of Regulations, Governing Authority Members, Governing Authority Meetings, Duties of the Governing Authority and Program-Related Duties and Other Managing Entities.

Section II:    Support Services and Safety policies

Food Services, General Wellness, General Health and Safety Policies, Emergency and Other Medical Policies, Environmental Safety,  and Building Security.

Section III:  Instructional duties and obligations  

Federal Program Compliance, Curriculum Standards, Parental Involvement, School and Program Assessment, Admission, Retention and Graduation, Specialized Instruction Programs, Individuals with Disabilities and Miscellaneous Policies.

section IV:    Student-Parent Handbook

Overview, Attendance, Graduation, Student Code of Conduct, Student Discipline and Student Activities.

section v:    personnel handbook

Mission Statement, Philosophy and Vision, Non-Discrimiation Policy, Employment Pre-Requisites, Legal Employment Status, Compensation and Benefits, Behavioral Expectations and Responsibilities, Administrative Responsibilities, Discipline, Employee Development, Employee Medical Policies Records Access, Community Partnership and Media.