Online Application and Enrollment Forms 2017-18


How to fill out the online forms

Before you start, you may want to watch the help video below.

Download or use a program already on your computer that will allow
you to fill out the forms. We recommend Adobe Reader. This program will
let you fill out the forms and also let you sign the document.

You can click this link to download the latest version of ADOBE READER.


A.  Open your program (Ex. Adobe Reader) that will let you fill out and sign the Forms.

B.  Download the appropriate documents.
NEW STUDENTS :     BOTH Packet A and B

Packet A online form

Packet B Online Form

When a form opens in your browser, download the form by clicking the
DOWNLOAD ICON usually in the upper right hand corner. It is the line with the down arrow.

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 11.06.13 AM.png

C. Open the appropriate downloaded and saved form with your PDF program, fill out and sign the forms.
SAVE them to your computer.

D. Email the now filled out and saved form to the Digital Academy at: