Section I: Governing Authority

1100 Foundation

     1110 Mission Statement

     1120 Statement of Vision

1200 Authority

     1210 Legal Authority

     1220 General Powers of the Governing Authority

     1230 Additional Powers of the Governing Authority

1300 Code of Regulations

     1300.1 Code of Regulations (Form)

1400 Governing Authority Members

     1410 Eligibility and Background Check

     1420 New Member Orientation

     1430 Compensation

     1440 Reimbursement of Governing Authority Members

     1450 Ethics and Conflicts of Interest Policy

     1450.1 Code of Ethics (Form)

     1460 Mandatory Periodic Ethical Review

     1470 Governing Authority Members; Qualifications

1500 Governing Authority Meetings

     1510 Public Meetings and Notification

     1520 Executive Sessions

     1530 Parliamentary Procedure

     1540 Method of Voting

     1550 Minutes of the Governing Authority Meetings

     1560 Attendance at Governing Authority Meetings

     1570 Public Participation at Governing Authority Meetings

1600 Other Managing Entities

     1610 Authority to Approve Management Contract

     1620 Designated Fiscal Officer

     1630 Relationship among Different Managing Entities

     1640 Sunshine Law and Open Meeting Training

1700 Duties of the Governing Authority

     1710 Development, Revision, and Distribution of Policies

     1720 Monitoring Compliance with Sponsor Contract

     1730 Duty to Report Certain School Information

     1740 Public Records Policies

     1741 Public Records Access Policy

     1741.1 Public Records Access Poster (Form)

     1741.2 Acknowledgement of Receipt of Public Records Access

     Policy (Form)

     1742 Internet Public Record Redaction Policy

     1742.1 Request to Redact Personal Information (Form)

     1743 Retention, Management, and Disposal of Records

     1743.1 Schedule of Records Retention and Disposition (Form)

     1743.2 Certificate of Records Disposal (Form)

     1750 Financial Duties and Responsibilities

     1751 Annual Budget

     1752 Annual Financial Report

     1753 School Asset Policy

     1754 Audit Committee

     1755 Purchasing

     1756 Credit Cards

     1757 Duties and Responsibilities Related to Federal Grants

     1758 Insurance Coverage

     1760 Use of Mobile Phones for School Purposes

     1770 Procedures Related to Independent Contractors
     1780 Recapture of over payments based on FTE

1800 Program-Related Duties and Other Managing Entities

     1810 Development of Administrative Rules, Guidelines, and Procedures

     1820 Job Description Database

      Development of School Curriculum