Lorain Digital Academy Profile

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The Lorain Digital Academy is located in Lorain, Ohio on the southern shore of Lake Erie about 25 miles west of Cleveland, Ohio. 

401 Broadway Ave, Lorain, Ohio

(440) 204-1095

Executive director: Karen Mahan

Website: www.loraindigitalacademy.com

Lorain Digital Academy is accredited by the State of Ohio.

Approximate Enrollment: 110

There is no cost for students to attend the LDA.

Lorain Digital Academy (LDA) is a community conversion school sponsored by the Ohio Department of Education
to serve students in grades K-12.


LDA offers a full standards-based school curriculum through a contract with TRECA Digital Academy in Marion, Ohio. Courses are delivered in a Continuous Progress format with each course broken into modules. Students can move through the work at an individualized pace. Lessons are done in the Plato or Brightspace environment with instruction provided through simulations, animations, recorded lectures and other avenues. If needed, students can set the computer to read written lessons to them.


LDA offers an on-line education for students whose needs, desires or circumstances would best be served by a non-traditional educational model. Those students might include:

 > Students who want to re-enter the Graduation pathway.

> Students with discipline or social issues in the traditional classroom.

> Students with medical issues that require a more personalized curricula approach.

> Students who desire to move through the curriculum at an individualized pace.

> Students seeking a valid alternative to the traditional classroom.

> Students / parents seeking an accredited curriculum taught by certified teachers for
   home schooling purpose. 

The strength of the Lorain Digital Academy is the combination of on-line academics with virtual teachers and face to face instructional support with a group of LDA coaches. All students who are in need of academic assistance are able to make one hour appointments with a coach. This academic assistance is a perfect educational setting for those students who wish to control their on-line learning progress with personalized educational tutoring when needed.