Lorain Digital Academy is:

A Continuous Progress based Curriculum

LDA offers a full standards-based school curriculum through a contract with TRECA Digital Academy in Marion, Ohio. Courses are delivered in a Continuous Progress format with each course broken into modules. Students can move through the work at an individualized pace. Lessons are done in the PLATO or BRIGHTSPACE  environment with instruction provided through simulations, animations, recorded lectures and other avenues. If needed, students can set the computer to read written lessons to them.

LDA Teachers

Teachers, provided through a contract with TRECA, are highly qualified and certified in their area of instruction. Teachers have regular office hours where students can contact them for additional help . Teachers interact with students on a regular basis via e-mail, phone, and on-line JigSaw sessions.

LDA coaches

Lorain Digital Academy's instructional coaches are highly qualified teachers. LDA coaches will encourage all students to work to their abilities and to stay on task.

Progress Reports

Progress reports will be available to parents quarterly. Progress reports are based on student's completion of modules compared to the number of modules required per quarter.


Students are required to maintain regular attendance. Attendance is taken on a weekly basis and calculated by the combination of daily time spent learning and the completion of class modules. Students who do not comply with attendance requirements will be withdrawn from LDA for non-attendance and/or lack of adequate progress. 


Ohio Testing Program: Lorain Digital Students are required to take the Ohio Graduation Tests as specified by the Ohio Department of Education.

Graduates:LDA students can graduate and receive their diploma as soon as they fulfill all state and local requirements.