College Credit Plus Program

Click  Here  to visit the CCP program at LCCC.

Click Here to visit the CCP program at LCCC.

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Form:  Intent to Participate Download Here.

form:  College credit plus (ccp) application  download here.

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College Credit Plus Information, Questions and Answers

What is College Credit Plus?

CollegeCreditPlus(CCP)is a state of Ohio program that offers college ready students, grades 7-12, the opportunity to earn college and high school credit at the same time by taking college courses from community colleges or universities. The purpose of this program is to promote rigorous academic pursuits and to provide a wide variety of options to college-ready students. Taking a college course from a public college or university is free. There is no cost for tuition, books, or fees provided that the student successfully completes the course. 

What is the first step in the College Credit Plus process? 

By April 1, Students new to CCP must attend a CCP counseling meeting with their parent(s)/guardian(s). There is one meeting offered at LDA each year. If you are unable to attend the scheduled meeting, you must make other arrangements with the LDA office.

How do I notify LDA that I plan to participate in College Credit Plus?

Students new to CCP must notify LDA by April 1st of the year prior to first CCP participation: you must have a signed Counseling Verification Form (available at LDA office and at the CCP Meetings) and notify LDA. Students must also complete Letter of Intent to Participate. Both forms will be provided at the CCP counseling meeting.

What is my next step after I attend a meeting and notify LDA? 

Complete and turn in the CCP Application to LDA office. Make sure that the application is complete, including the student's Social Security Number and all required student and parent/guardian signatures. If you plan to use your ACT/SAT scores, please be sure to tell the LDA office that you would like your ACT/SAT scores included with your application.

Why CCP? 

Students who participate in CCP earn college credit and high school credit simultaneously. Taking 3-5 semester hours at the college earns 1 carnegie unit at the high school. Credits are averaged into your GPA. 

What happens after I turn in my CCP application?

Your LDA office will attach a transcript and mail your application to the appropriate school. (including ACT/SAT scores if applicable)

How long will it take for me to hear from the college?

It may take two weeks or more for you to receive an acceptance letter in the US Mail from the college with information on your next steps for course registration.

I did not send ACT/SAT scores to the college, what is next?

If you did not have your ACT/SAT scores sent to the college, you will be required to take the Accuplacer Exam on the college campus. There is no cost for this exam. 

I have been accepted to the college and either sent my test scores to the college or taken the Accuplacer Exam, now what do I need to do?

You must complete your portion of a Course Authorization Form (available in LDA office) and turn it in to LDA office. Please allow 24 hours for the LDA office to complete their portion of the form. Once you pick up the form, you can take the completed form to the college in order to schedule your courses for the upcoming semester.

I have a completed Course Authorization Form, what do I do now?

Take the completed form to the college and work with one of their CCP advisors to schedule your courses for the upcoming semester. Please check with your college to see if you need to call ahead to schedule an appointment. You must schedule your college courses so that they do not conflict with the coaching time that you may need at LDA.

I am finally scheduled at the college. Am I done?

You are required to provide the LDA office with a copy of your college schedule as soon as possible.

The college said that I can apply and/or schedule anytime during the summer, is that true?

Students, who have already been accepted to CCP and want to take summer classes, need to meet with their CCP advisor to schedule their classes. Call the college ahead to schedule an appointment. 

If I attended a CCP meeting before but decided not to participate that year, do I need to attend another meeting?

 If you turned in a Counseling Verification Form that year, you are able to participate in CCP. If you did not turn in a form, you can sign a Counseling Verification Form indicating when you attended a meeting and will then be able to participate in CCP. 

*Students must follow the steps above as well as the steps required by LCCC for registration!

The Questions and Answers ABOVE can be downloaded as a PDF by Clicking HERE!