A Ghost Story

"the revenge of the forgotten teens"

A Ghost Story: "The Revenge of the Forgotten Teens" was a 12 week effort by the Media Club.  They first learned editing and video techniques, camera angels and green screen effects.  Some of the students became skilled in video editing and were responsible for the final edit of the movie. The entire movie was shot on 3 IPad Airs and the video was edited using the Apple program IMovie.

The students wanted to film a ghost story.  Before the plot and screen play were written, the students researched various special effects that were available to them. They then wrote the story to fit some of the special effects.  This was a backward approach, but it worked for them.

PLOT:  A school burns down where over a hundred students are trapped and die in the fire.  The only item that survives the fire is a girl's camera that contains pictures of the school dance.  To honor the students that perished in the fire a teacher asks for help in planning a special 60 year tribute.   One student falls asleep and wakes to find out he has volunteered to help on the project. It is 7:00 at night when they hear strange music echoing down the hallways. The teacher goes to investigate the sounds and ..........................


Click the picture above or this link to view the movie.